Field Notes May 10, 2010; Prowl injury, hybrid rice, red rice

Prowl effect on root tips

Prowl is an excellent herbicide in rice, but it can cause some root pruning.  The injury shown here is minimal and rice will grow out of it.

Broadcast seeded rice

Even though the equipment was supposed to be top notch, something was clearly wrong here.  The heavy population of rice is in the area of overlap.

Volunteer resistant rice

Between the drill rows is a heavy population of volunteer rice composed of red rice and volunteer hybrid rice.  Both are apparently resistant to Newpath because one application has already been made.

Newpath resistant rice seedlings.

Rice seedlings shown in the photograph at right are all apparently resistant to Newpath herbicide.  Left to right they are: planted variety, volunteer with some susceptibility, resistant volunteer, resistant red rice.  The field has a history of both red rice and hybrid rice and successive rice crops.


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