Field Notes May 17, 2010; thrips in rice, iron toxicity, zinc

Thrips damage in rice

The light flecking on the leaves shown at right are due to thrips.  Thrips have a rasping mouthpart so they sort of sand off the surface causing dehydration.

Thrip on rice leaf

The black object above the pencil point is a thrip on a rice leaf.  Thrips are seldom a problem in rice, but in some parts of the state and in some years they can cause significant injury.  Usually it is when it is very dry.

Iron deposits in rice field

Most of the well water in Louisiana contains some iron, but in this case the well used to irrigate this field had an excessive amount of iron in it.  The levels were high enough to coat the plants and to cause a toxic reaction.

Iron toxicity on rice seedlings

The seedlings shown here had heavy deposits of iron on them and were exhibiting toxicity symptoms.  Because high rates of zinc have been used to counter iron uptake associated with the phenomenon called Localized Decline a heavy dose of zinc chelate or zinc sulfate was recommended.


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