August 5, 2010; Field Notes, Newpath injury, panicle blight

Newpath injury on sheath

The panicles shown in the photograph were victim of Newpath drift.  Newpath is applied to Clearfield rice to kill non-Clearfield rice.  When it drifts it can cause serious injury.  In this case the injury was minimized because it was not extensive and it hit rice at a less susceptible stage.  Many of the panicles did not fully exsert from the flag leaf sheath.

Grain germinating on panicle

Some of the panicles that failed to exsert from the flag leaf sheath flowered and formed grains down in the sheath.  The grain shown here is germinating.  After it ripened the captured moisture caused it to germinate.  This one was found after splitting open a flag leaf sheath.

Bacterial Panicle Blight on CL261

This year has been one of the worst in terms of the occurrence and severity of Bacterial Panicle Blight.  This disease attacks rice when high nighttime temperatures occur during flowering.  Apparently the spikelets in the middle of the panicle were flowering under a period of high night temperatures while the uppermost and lowermost florets flowered under more favorable conditions.  This is an example of why flowering is spread out over about a week in each panicle beginning at the top and progressing downward.  It is a survival mechanism.


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