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August 20, 2010; Field Notes, flooding, Verification field harvest, leaf scald, leaf smut

September 9, 2010

Field ready to harvest flooded by heavy rain

A week before this picture was taken the field was drained and nearly dry in preparation for harvest.  Over 9 inches of rain fell within 24 hours flooding the field almost to the panicles.  This also caused about a fourth of the field to lodge.  The whole field was intended to be used for seed, but the lodged portion had to be sent to the mill.  It also caused the farmer to switch his equipment from rubber tires to tracks and change to a different header.

Burned leaf tips caused by Leaf Scald

In the last blog entry I said this was one of the worst years for Bacterial Panicle Blight.  That remains true, however it is also one of the worst for the incidence of Leaf Scald and Leaf Smut.  The tan to gray leaf tips give the field a scalded or burnt appearance.  The classic symptom of leaf scald is the inverted “V” pattern with a yellowish border between the dry and green leaf tissue.

Leaf Smut of Rice

Leaf Smut, like Leaf Scald is seldom a serious disease of rice.  We always see it show up late usually after the field has been drained for harvest.  It looks like someone sprinkled the leaves with black pepper.  After the field is drained the upper plant parts begin to die resulting in a loss of defense mechanisms and the onset of several diseases.  This year the pressure was about the worst I have ever seen and may have contributed to the complaints about unsatisfying yields from what appeared to be “good rice”.